Tractor puzzle by Brett Keisel is decoded

Brett Keisel likes to arrive in style.

Last year, Keisel showed up at Pittsburgh Steelers training camp in an all-terrain vehicle with his luggage in the back.

"He wanted to do something bigger and better this year, and we made it happen," said Paul Murphy of Murphy Family Inc., a Kubota dealership in Washington, Pa.

So Keisel opted for a (borrowed) tractor, the Kubota M7040, (list price $25,106, according to tractordata.com) and headed to Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Pa. to Steelers training camp, with his luggage in the front loader.

Keisel, a 6-foot-5, 285-pound defensive end, has done a couple of commercials for the business, "the local leader in Outdoor Power Equipment since 1960."

“I’m a tractor guy,” Keisel told the Beaver County Times. “I grew up in Wyoming driving one of these bad boys. This reminds me of my childhood days, swathing hay, plowing fields and planting fields."

Keisel said he drove the tractor for the last 20 miles of the trip. Murphy said the M7040 maxes out at about 22 miles per hour.

Back in Washington, Murphy denied this was an elaborate viral marketing campaign that had snookered the media.

"No," he said. "We're a Kubota dealership. We're all about boys and their toys."

But he acknowledges he is enjoying the attention.

"We're getting a little bit of buzz," he said. "Even corporate Kubota heard about it. It's gone nationwide."