Tebow pick a sticking point for Sanchez?

Courtesy of Panini America

Last week, Panini America revealed the cover of its 2012 NFL Sticker Album, one that features six high-profile players.

Calvin Johnson and Rob Gronkowski are represented, as you can see above. Cam Newton and Aaron Rodgers are there, too. The New York starting quarterbacks? One of them (for now) is in the mix.

Yes, that's Jets backup Tim Tebow -- not starter Mark Sanchez -- who finds himself on the front of the book alongside Giants star Eli Manning.

A prediction that Tebow will eventually take over? Not exactly.

"Tim Tebow is one of the most marketable players in the NFL," Jason Howarth, Panini America vice president of marketing, said via email. "Since his arrival in [New York] and the start of training camp, the level of anticipation and media coverage surrounding him hasn’t been seen by New York Jets fans since Joe Namath.”

Meanwhile, reporters on Thursday asked Sanchez -- who was on the 2011 cover -- how he feels about Panini's decision.

Sanchez's response: "Better go get some stickers."

Meanwhile, here's a look at those stickers, courtesy of Panini: