Charleston RiverDogs get exotic with menu

The Charleston RiverDogs offer duck, venison and alligator sausages on their concession menu. Charleston RiverDogs

When it comes to ballpark concessions, some teams have seemingly entered into a culinary arms race in recent years.

The Texas Rangers sell the Boomstick, a 1-pound hot dog that measures nearly 2 feet long, for $26.

The West Michigan Whitecaps, Class A affiliate of the Detroit Tigers, sell a 4-pound, 4,800-calorie burger for $20.

The Lake County Captains, Class A affiliate of the Cleveland Indians, sell a 3-pound fried fish sandwich – complete with clam strips, French fries, eight slices of cheese, coleslaw, tartar sauce, pickles, lettuce and tomatoes – for $20.

The Washington Nationals sell an 8-pound burger named after star pitcher Stephen Strasburg for $59.

The list goes on and on.

But the Charleston RiverDogs, Class A affiliate of the New York Yankees, aren’t merely interested in conspicuous consumption – as evidenced by an exotic trio of grilled sausages available at Joseph Riley Park in South Carolina.

“Everybody is trying outweird each other – almost outgross each other,” RiverDogs spokesman Sean Houston said of the one-upmanship trend in ballpark fare. “This is actually good food.”

Here’s the lineup, each with a price tag of $7:

  • Duck sausage with plum sauce

  • Venison sausage with citrus chipotle barbecue sauce

  • Alligator sausage with remoulade

“It gives people a chance to eat something other than the traditional hot dog,” Houston said. “I’ve tasted all three, and they’re all very, very good.”

Of course, if conspicuous consumption is your thing, the RiverDogs have that covered, too.

The team sells Kitchen Sink Nachos, which are topped with pulled pork, chicken, beef, beans, barbecue sauce, sweet chili sauce, pico de gallo and two types of cheese. That pales in comparison, however, to the foot-long Homewrecker Hot Dog, a gourmet wiener with your choices of 35 condiments, ranging from pimento cheese to fried okra.

For dessert, you can treat yourself to the RiverDogs’ Home Run funnel cake, which is topped with fried ice cream.

Thank goodness this article is low in calories and cholesterol free.