What Google Instant thinks about your team

August, 15, 2012
Chris Paul, Mike Krzyzewski, James HardenAndrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty ImagesAccording to Google, many web searchers wonder why Mike Krzyzewski looks so young.
An enterprising Internet writer recently uncovered America’s most boring, poor and racist states by typing “Why is [state] so” into Google and letting the site’s autocomplete function spit out some answers for the remainder of the question.

Being an enterprising sports Internet writer, I decided to type in a sports phrase for each of our 50 states and see what Google’s autocomplete supplied. Lower case is the phrase I typed, CAPS was provided by Google. These are all actual answers.

I think you’ll find that Google is a bit of a hater.

Alabama: Nick Saban is THE DEVIL

Alaska: Why does Mario Chalmers GET YELLED AT

Arizona: Why Rich Rodriguez FAILED AT MICHIGAN

Arkansas: Is Bobby Petrino STILL IN ARKANSAS

California: Are the Lakers STILL IN THE PLAYOFFS

Colorado: Why did the Broncos TRADE TEBOW

Connecticut: Jim Calhoun is A CHEATER

Delaware: Why is Delaware so BORING

Florida: Why are the Dolphins DYING

Georgia: Does Mark Richt ATTEND CHURCH

Hawaii: Are Rainbows WATERPROOF

Idaho: Boise State is IN WHAT CONFERENCE

Illinois: Why are the Cubs SO BAD THIS YEAR

Indiana: Why does Tom Crean DRINK DURING GAMES

Iowa: What is an Iowa HAWKEYE

Kansas: Is Charlie Weis COACHING

Kentucky: Is John Calipari A CHEATER

Louisiana: Why does Les Miles HATE JARRETT LEE

Maine: Black Bears are BROWN

Maryland: Why does Ray Lewis DANCE

Massachusetts: Is Bobby Valentine AN IDIOT

Michigan: Why do the Pistons STINK

Minnesota: Are Gophers BAD

Mississippi: Is Hugh Freeze A GOOD COACH

Missouri: Are the Rams GOING TO BE GOOD THIS YEAR

Montana: Is Marc Mariani PEYTON MANNING’S SON

Nebraska: Does Bo Pelini GET PAID

Nevada: Las Vegas sports BETTING

New Hampshire: Is New Hampshire A STATE

New Jersey: What is Rutgers KNOWN FOR

New Mexico: Steve Alford is A JERK

New York: Why are the Knicks SO BAD

North Carolina: Why does Coach K LOOK SO YOUNG

North Dakota: Why does North Dakota EXIST

Ohio: Why does Ohio State HATE DESMOND HOWARD

Oklahoma: Is Bob Stoops RELATED TO MIKE STOOPS

Oregon: What is wrong with Greg ODEN’S KNEES

Pennsylvania: Ilya Bryzgalov is CLINICALLY INSANE

Rhode Island: Rhode Island mascot SCROTIE

South Carolina: Why does Steve Spurrier WEAR A VISOR

South Dakota: Do Jackrabbits HAVE ANTLERS

Tennessee: Derek Dooley is A JOKE

Texas: Why is Tony Romo OVERRATED

Utah: Are the Utah Jazz GOOD

Vermont: Are Catamounts EXTINCT

Virginia: Do Hokies HAVE LARGE TALONS

Washington: Why do the Seahawks WEAR LIME GREEN

West Virginia: Why are Mountaineers AT RISK OF HYPOTHERMIA

Wisconsin: Is Ryan Braun ON STEROIDS

Wyoming: Can Wyoming BEAT TEXAS




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