Behold: Uni Watch Power Rankings 2012!

ESPN.com Illustration

Sports fans love lists, and that definitely includes uniform fans. The 10 best this, the 50 worst that -- the possibilities are endless.

Sometimes, though, the best approach is the simplest one.

For example: How about if we ranked all 122 MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL teams based on their uniforms? No specialized niche categories, no eccentric criteria -- just a straightforward uni-based appraisal of every professional team from the Big Four leagues.

With that random "What if ..." idea, the Uni Watch Power Rankings were born. Our intent is simple: to present the last word on uniform assessments.

If that sounds like an audacious project, well, it is. You say it's nonsensical, maybe even crazy, to compare a hockey uniform to a basketball uniform? You're right! But we're doing it anyway, because lists are fun. Admit it, you're already wondering where your favorite teams are going to rank.

We'll be rolling out the Power Rankings in five installments over the course of this week -- one segment per day, from worst to first. So today we'll start with the bottom of the chart, spots 101 through 122, and then we'll continue on Tuesday (76-100), Wednesday (51-75), Thursday (26-50), and Friday (1-25).

Check out a brief sample below:

• Click here to view the ground rules and the full first installment of No. 101 to No. 122