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Friday, April 27, 2012
DJ Gallo's Stanley Cup playoffs captions

By DJ Gallo

Florida Panthers
Only DJ Gallo's photo captions are more exciting than players skating through a giant inflatable cat.

“Put on a prescription visor! You’re missing a good game!”

“Eh. Swedish anthem is better."

“I think they’re talking about me.”

“Sorry about all those comments about your mother. I’m sure she is a fine woman.”

“You know, Edie Falco? If I was a hockey player, I probably only would have missed a few minutes of action.”

“Ooh. I’ve got an idea for a movie. ‘Sudden Death 2,’ but with way more killing.”

“Go, Panthers! Don’t ruin my childhood like the Dolphins! Yay!”

“I don’t care, decapitated head of my teammate. This is Game 7. You get back out there.”

“Guys! Break it up. We’ve got an NFL draft to watch!”

“Too bad. You had a nice beard going there.”