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Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Wolverines' firestarter has unfinished work

By DJ Gallo

Logan Tuley-Tillman mail
Michigan recruit Logan Tuley-Tillman is turning up the temperature on the Wolverines-Buckeyes rivalry.
Michigan Wolverines football recruit Logan Tuley-Tillman has created a literal firestorm due to setting his Ohio State recruiting letter on fire and posting a picture of it on Twitter.

But according to Tuley-Tillman's recruiting page, Michigan and Ohio State were just two of the 20 programs which offered him a scholarship.

He needs to let all those other programs know his feelings, too.

But the burning thing has been done. Tuley-Tillman needs to be more creative if he wants to get traction again on Twitter.

Here are some options:
Alabama – Rip up their letter, place the pieces in a houndstooth fedora, and then set it aflame.
Arizona State – Post a YouTube video in which he commits to Todd Graham, then immediately change his mind and go somewhere else without ever telling Graham.
Arkansas – Crash a motorcycle into his recruiting letter.
Boston College – Set their letter on fire while the theme song of Frank Spaziani’s 1980s action TV show plays in the background.
Florida State – From atop a horse, throw a flaming spear through his recruiting letter.
Illinois – Tuley-Tillman is an Illinois native, so post a video of himself going door-to-door and slapping his neighbors in the face.
Indiana – Don’t do anything, because it’s mean to pick on the less fortunate. Plus, it’s quite adorable that Indiana even tried to recruit someone who was offered by so many other elite programs.

Iowa – Set the letter on fire using ethanol-free gas.
Missouri – Wrap the letter around a steak and throw it into the tiger cage at the zoo.
Notre Dame – Write up 95 reasons he doesn’t want to go to Notre Dame and nail his list to the front door of the university.
Oklahoma State – Set his recruiting letter on fire using flaming tap water from a fracking site.
Ole Miss – Assume they understood that he won't be playing for them when he turned down Alabama and Arkansas.
Purdue – Inform coach Danny Hope of his decision via telegraph.
South Carolina – Burn his letter by leaving it out in the sun without any sunscreen.
Tennessee – Have his mom call Derek Dooley’s mom to say that he can’t come out to play.
Texas A&M – Set it on fire while wearing a Seattle Seahawks’ 12th Man T-shirt.
USC – Do something a little less extreme than this.
West Virginia – You know, just setting it on fire like he did with his Ohio State letter works fine for this one.