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Monday, August 27, 2012
DJ Gallo's NFL preseason photo captions

By DJ Gallo

Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III
"Twenty bucks says you're the one who turns out to be the bust."
“Shut up. My mom accidentally threw out my other fist.”

“Our celebrations of everything are in midseason form!”

“Please. Please let me go. I can’t come play for you. I’m sorry. Now let me go.”

“What’s that? You want me to throw you again? Sure thing, little buddy. I love throwing you.”

“See, son? Isn’t Dolphins football fun?”

“What the? These stupid replacement officials don’t know that hitting me is against the rules!”

“You’re in like Flynn! And also not.”

“Grrrr. Running back face.”

“Look, I know I’m a replacement ref, but I never heard of you either.”

“Yeah, Carson Palmer has the job locked up.”

“Well, another ugly game. Probably time to remove the mask and reveal I’m just Steve Spagnuolo.”

“I am officially Ochocinco.”

“Oh, you’re trying to crush my hand? Well, I just ate onions.”

“Maybe I’d be more accurate if I threw it like a basketball chest pass.”

“Let me go! I’m just trying to play quarterback for the Jets!”