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Music Issue playlist: DeSean Jackson

February, 6, 2013
DeSean JacksonChris McPherson for ESPNThe Eagles wide receiver has a healthy dose of 2Pac on his list of favorite tunes.
For ESPN The Magazine's Feb. 18 Music Issue, we gathered music playlists from the subjects of each of the feature stories. As part of our supplemental coverage on Playbook Sounds, we will be posting all of the Music Issue playlists here.

In ESPN The Magazine's Music issue, Carmen R. Thompson explores a season split between field and studio with DeSean Jackson, who wonders: Why do fans demand that he make up his mind?

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DeSean Jackson raps with young fan

July, 18, 2012
videoDonovan Troy's day with the Philadelphia Eagles just got better and better.

Troy, a 10-year-old from Atlanta with a life-threatening form of sickle-cell anemia, got to meet his favorite player, DeSean Jackson, through ESPN's "My Wish" series. And then, because it rained that day, all of the players went inside the practice bubble, and Troy met all of the Eagles' stars and caught passes from Mike Vick.

That wasn't all, though. After the Eagles' practice, in a complete surprise, Jackson took Troy to his recording studio and they recorded a rap song together (video above).

"[Donovan] really was excited about that," Donovan's mother, Tara, told's Adam S. Reisinger. "We didn't even know DeSean was into music like that. He and DeSean went into the studio and recorded a song and they gave us the CD before we left. He'll always have that to remember."

Jackson owns his own record label, Jaccpot Records. He put that label to a good cause that day.

Troy's mother says he plays the song every day.

To read the entire story about Troy's day, visit the ESPN "My Wish" page.