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Kelly Clarkson releases Cowboys anthem

August, 14, 2012
Kelly ClarksonMark Metcalfe/Getty ImagesDallas Cowboys fan Kelly Clarkson has teamed with Pepsi to launch the NFL Anthems project.
Kelly Clarkson, like everyone else, is ready for some football.

The “American Idol” winner has been making powerful, woman-power anthems for a decade now, and this week, she releases one for her hometown football team, the Dallas Cowboys.

Clarkson has teamed up with Pepsi to help launch the Pepsi NFL Anthems project, and she’s one of a few contemporary artists -- Kid Rock (Detroit Lions), Ice Cube (Oakland Raiders) and Travie McCoy (New York Giants) -- who have created fresh, new anthems to celebrate their teams.

The idea was kind of inspired by Wiz Khalifa’s big hit, “Black and Yellow,” which celebrated the Pittsburgh Steelers. (In fact, he’ll release a remixed version of that song soon.)

Starting today, Clarkson’s song “Get Up” will be available for free download at Other songs will be rolled out weekly.

Playbook talks with Clarkson about this project.

You’re known for creating and recording these big anthems for women, but you’re teaming up with Pepsi to do an anthem for the Dallas Cowboys. What goes into a great anthem?

"I think a great anthem is if you sing along. It’s like a message that can translate to all different types of people. When my manager called me and he said ‘Hey, I have this opportunity to write for the Cowboys and are you interested?’ I flipped out! That night I literally wrote the song. Luckily they all liked it. I honestly can’t wait. I’m a nerd and I can’t wait to perform it at a game."

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