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Q&A: John Williams talks Fenway, Red Sox

April, 16, 2012

As the guy behind the themes from "Jaws," "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones," John Williams isn't your ordinary Red Sox fan. In fact, to get in on the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park, the Academy and Grammy Award-winning composer and conductor wrote “Fanfare for Fenway,” which will be performed by the Boston Pops at the 100th anniversary ceremony on Friday night. Every living Red Sox player has been invited to attend the festivities and the game (against -- who else? -- the Yankees). We caught up with Williams to hear about his fandom and latest composition.

How long have you been a baseball fan?

All my life. I remember having a baseball glove when I was 4 and trying to hit balls and so on. I remember going to the Polo Grounds with my father in the late 1930s. So it’s been a while.

How is it you’re a Red Sox fan, considering you were born in New York and raised in California?

My mother was born in Boston and loved Fenway Park all of her life. She lived to be 97 and insisted that she lived that long because she wanted to see the Red Sox win the World Series again. Once they did it in 2004, she felt she could pass on very happily. For me, there is a strong family connection to Boston and anything connected to Boston, which includes Fenway.

How did you go about creating "Fanfare for Fenway"?

This piece is a fanfare and not very long, so I spent a week or so sketching it out and scoring it for the double brass ensemble. For me, inspiration is rarely a “Eureka!” where I have the idea and write it instantly. It’s a process of working through and rewriting the music until it’s finally put in score form and ready to be performed.

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