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Bronze Radio Return in new PGA Tour ad

January, 16, 2013

The PGA Tour recently released its season preview video featuring Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and a host of others for its "Born For This" campaign.

The ditty in the background is by Hartford, Conn.,-based roots rock band Bronze Radio Return. The song, called "Further On," will be on their forthcoming third release later this year.

Playbook had a chance to talk a few minutes with the band's lead singer, Chris Henderson, about the commercial and their musical stylings. The other members of the band are Patrick Fetkowitz, Robert Tanen, Matthew Warner, Robert Griffith and Craig Struble.

First off, where did you guys get the name "Bronze Radio Return?"

"I grew up in Maine and my dad is an artist. My daycare was in his art studio. My sister and I would listen to a lot of music on a bronze-colored radio. We would listen to traditional folk music, blues and everything. That stuck with me. When we were putting together the band, we realized that all of us had these kind of influences. Everybody had their own bronze radio."

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