ESPN Music: Pat The Roc

Well, geez, it took long enough.

For those who have been giddily anticipating the inevitable marriage of indie dance punk and street hoops, the wait is finally over.

In the video for their new song, “Let’s Go,” synth duo Matt and Kim have teamed up with venerated street baller Pat The Roc to showcase four minutes of hypnotic ball-handling, along with one of the most infectious melodies of 2012.

Matt Johnson, who represents an undetermined half of the Matt and Kim equation, explains that they first met up with Pat at a charity event called Band of Ballers, where celebrities and musicians are pitted against each other in a 3-on-3 basketball tournament.

“It ended up being all ringers, real ballplayers, essentially,” says Johnson. “Wiz Khalifa and Jim Jones had all these college players, but we also got some incredible players, and one of them was Pat.”

After writing “Let’s Go” for their new album, "Lightning," which comes out later this year, Johnson and his bandmate realized that Pat’s distinct style of ball-handling synced up perfectly with the song’s bouncing energy. So they gave him a call.

“It was crazy, we did four takes overall, but Pat nailed it every single take. The only reason we did it a few times was to mess with lighting and stuff,” says Johnson.

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