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T.I., Crimson Tide save Creed frontman

October, 12, 2012
Scott Stapp/T.IGetty ImagesScott Stapp, left, was saved by rapper T.I. after falling four stories from a balcony in Miami.
Gotta tread lightly on this one, as it involves some pretty heavy subject matter, but boy, oh boy, is this story bizarre.

So you’ll recall Creed, a band from the '90s whose music sounds exactly like a hemorrhoid looks. And you’ll recall T.I., a famous rapper and noted authority on the fanciness of women. And I’m assuming you’ll recall the University of Alabama, a public coeducational learning institution renowned for its perennial success at football.

As fate would have it, an unusual scene would bring the three together.

It took place in Miami. Deranged by drugs and sleepless for days, Creed frontman Scott Stapp endeavored to hush his demons by hurling himself from his penthouse balcony at the Delano Hotel. He plummeted four stories, cracking his skull and hip upon the ground’s arrival.

There he lay for two and a half hours, his mortal candle dimming, until a man wearing a familiar crimson hat entered his vision.

“Roll Tide,” uttered Stapp, drawing the attention of the man who he’d later learn was rapper T.I.

And then T.I. saved him.

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