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Jeff Fisher plays bad cop in music video

September, 3, 2012

New St Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher is known not only for a winning NFL track record and a winning mustache. He’s also got a pretty authoritative demeanor, especially when playing a cop.

This was evident when Fisher made his music video debut in “Microscope,” the new single by Goodbye June, a Nashville-based rock band whose album bearing the single went viral last month.

The video, which also features country music star Steve Holy as Fisher’s deputy, has the duo chasing down the the band for the minor offense of littering. What ensues is a high-speed chase -- almost "Dukes of Hazzard"-style -- except for one small difference: The band members of Goodbye June duck bullets from Fisher, a vigilante cop, before they smash their car and skirmish with guns in the Tennessee woods.

“The cars were probably traveling along, oh, maybe 5 miles an hour,” Fisher said, laughing. “I think they paid only about a couple hundred bucks for that Mercedes they rolled over and beat up on during the shoot. Obviously they sped things up once they edited the video.”

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