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Big Bad Voodoo Daddy talks CD, LA sports

September, 4, 2012
Big BadKelsey McNeal/ABC via Getty ImagesBig Bad Voodoo Daddy, led by Scotty Morris, has a new CD out today, "Rattle Them Bones."
Scotty Morris, lead singer for Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, said playing at the Super Bowl in 1999 and providing music for the 1996 Vince Vaughn-driven movie "Swingers" isn't really what the band is about.

"We personally stay away from all that glitz and glamour. Hollywood is not us. It's artificial and non-creative," Morris said. "We didn't drop out. We just didn't play the game on those terms. We feel we're the baddest band on the planet."

And Big Bad Voodoo Daddy is back today with its new CD, "Rattle Them Bones."

Playbook had a few minutes with Morris to talk about the new music and sports in Los Angeles.

You consider you and the other six members of the contemporary swing band a team, right?

"We are coming up on 20 years with all the same guys. We're a team that wants to get better. We challenge ourselves each night. We like it. It's like being a boxer with a good chin."

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