ESPN Music: U.S. women's soccer

Alex Morgan talks Katy Perry, music playlist

February, 5, 2013
For ESPN The Magazine's Feb. 18 Music Issue, we persuaded 14 athletes to recreate some of the most memorable album covers ever. As part of our supplemental coverage on Playbook Sounds, we will be running behind-the-scenes interviews with each athlete, as well as their own personal playlists.

• Athlete: Alex Morgan, U.S. women's national soccer team
• As: Katy Perry on "One of the Boys" (2008)

What was your initial thought on remaking this cover?

When I was brought the idea to recreate an album cover, I was excited about it right away. I've heard some of what the other covers are and it's really cool. It's such a a great idea. And look what I am dressed as -- it's a little ridiculous.

Take me through the selection process.

There were quite a few album covers but not too many female iconic covers -- but I love Katy Perry. There were a couple of other choices but I just gravitated toward this one. The cover is cute and fun. It's a great shoot -- such a fun background and I never get to wear an outfit like this.

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