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YouTube stars Timeflies talk sports, future

May, 3, 2012

This time last year, Cal Shapiro and Rob Resnick were roaming the campus of Tufts University and laying down tracks in Rob’s bedroom studio in between studying for finals and preparing for graduation. A No. 8 album on iTunes, more than 18 million views on YouTube, and countless sold-out shows later, the duo, known as Timeflies, is now enjoying a slightly bigger spotlight than their college campus.

By actively engaging their fan base through social media and releasing weekly “Timeflies Tuesday” videos, the pop/hip-hop/electro pair has amassed an avid following. The videos, which vocalist Cal and DJ/producer Rez largely credit for their growing popularity, range from freestyles about topics randomly picked from a hat to rap updates on childhood classics, such as their “Little Mermaid” inspired steel drum track, “Under the Sea.”

Still, even with a hectic touring schedule and countless hours devoted to working on their second album, they find time to sustain their sports appetites. One needs to look no further than their weekly videos to find the evidence of passionate sports fans. In the past year, Rob has laid the beat and Cal has treated fans with freestyles covering NFL line predictions, an entire song about filling out a March Madness bracket, and Super Bowl XLVI, an especially sensitive topic for the duo, with Rob supporting the Giants and Cal being a die-hard Patriots fan. In addition to their sports-themed Timeflies Tuesdays, their album tracks have been featured in numerous sports broadcasts.

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