'WWE 13' booms with enhanced audio

Go to a live WWE event, and beyond the amazing people watching, you’ll be amazed at just how loud a hot crowd can get. From the dueling chants of “Let’s go Cena!" and "Cena sucks!” to the deafening screams of “Yes! Yes! Yes!” your ears will be buzzing by the time you leave the arena.

So that’s always been one of my pet peeves about the WWE video games. While other sports games have really amped up the crowd noise to react to what’s happening on screen, the WWE games have been slower than a Big Show versus Brodus Clay footrace trying to catch up.

Thankfully, “WWE 13” promises to change all of that with the kind of serious audio upgrade the franchise has been in desperate need of for years.

Click on the video to check out a sound comparison between “WWE 12” and “WWE 13,” as well as getting a taste of some of the other improvements being made to the game this year.

Smashing someone with a steel chair has never sounded so good.