EA Sports delays 'NBA Live 13' release

Today, EA Sports released the first two pieces of news concerning “NBA Live 13” in what seems like forever. First off, the game is being delayed in order to give the production team more time to polish the product (they’ve only had what, two years since “NBA Elite” turned to NBA Delete!?).

The official statement posted on the EA Sports Web site reads: “Many fans have been anticipating an early October launch, but our plan is to release at a later date. We will share more information in the future.”


But that’s not all, as EA also released the first sizzle trailer for the new game, pretty much showing why the game needs to be delayed, especially when compared to what we’ve already seen from “NBA 2K13.”

Seriously, watch the “NBA Live 13” trailer, then watch the “NBA 2K13” video and tell me how these two games are even playing in the same league.

Makes me wonder if “NBA Live 13” will ever come out at all. Remember, before “NBA Elite” was cancelled, it was also delayed in similar fashion back in September 2010 before getting the official cancellation notice just over one month later.