'MLB 13: The Show' releases first screens

If you’re a baseball fan, no game is as much of a system seller as Sony’s “MLB: The Show” franchise for PlayStation 3. And with no announced baseball simulations on the Xbox 360 for the upcoming season, “MLB 13: The Show” is not only the best game in town; it’s the only game in town. Baseball fans looking for their virtual fix will either need to break down and buy a PS3, or go mobile and play the game on the Vita.

And while Sony announced a couple of new features yesterday, including a Playoff mode that promises to raise the atmospheric and crowd levels to a never-before-seen cyber sports experience (does this mean we’ll get Hunter Pence sermons in the dugout before games?), they also released the first images of “MLB 13: The Show.” Check out the first screenshots showcasing some of the biggest sluggers in the game, from Buster Posey and Matt Kemp to Mr. Triple Crown himself, Miguel Cabrera.

If you’re a baseball fan and you still don’t have a PS3, this is your cue to update your Christmas list.