Fitness video game announces release

At long last, it looks like gamers will be able to virtually work out with athletes such as Dwight Howard, Kaka and Ana Ivanovic.

Adidas, in conjunction with upstart video-game publisher 505 Games, plans to release “adidas miCoach” this summer for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, which will utilize those systems’ Kinect and Move add-ons. The game will allow users to train in the sport of their choosing with an athlete from that sport performing the same routine on the screen.

If this sounds familiar, that’s because it is – the game was supposed to release in January before video-game developer THQ dropped the title for financial reasons, putting the game on an indefinite hiatus. 505 Games picked up where THQ left off in March -- when THQ and adidas agreed to a settlement -- and the game should now be out within the next couple months.

With motion-controlled support and optical body tracking with the Kinect for Xbox 360 and PlayStation Move for Playstation 3, players have access to over 400 exercises and 18 professional athletes.

“Just to be able to sit there and to be able to work out with your favorite star, no matter what sport you love, and that star is pushing you to actually get better,” Dwight Howard told ESPN’s Jon Robinson while promoting the game last year. “It's not like it's your basketball coach or one of your teammates pushing you. It's actually a star from that sport telling you, ‘Hey, you can do this, pick it up.’ And the athletes aren't only encouraging you, they're teaching you techniques on how to improve.”

The game is being developed by UK-based Chromativity.