Five questions with Trent Richardson

Trent Richardson, chosen third overall by Cleveland, has earned comparisons to Barry Sanders. Marvin Gentry/US Presswire

Trent Richardson flashes through the defense with the hop-step of Barry Sanders and the stiff-arm ruggedness of Adrian Peterson. But how does he feel about all the legendary comparisons being thrown his direction before he’s even played one down in the NFL?

“It’s an honor,” Richardson told me with a wide grin as we talked football and video games at a recent EA Sports event in New York City. “Barry Sanders is such a legend, hopefully I can follow in his footsteps and even do better. That man has set the bar high for running backs, and when people say the names Emmitt Smith and Walter Payton and Bo Jackson, those are big names I have to live up to. But I want my name in that category. I have a lot to prove.”

If only Richardson can be to “Madden” what Bo was to “Tecmo Bowl,” then we’d be talking.

Jon Robinson: Are you a big gamer?

Trent Richardson: Big PlayStation gamer. I’ve always been a PlayStation guy. I play a lot of “Call of Duty,” “Battlefield,” and “UFC.” Then when my kids ain’t around, I’m on that “Saints Row.” [laughs] I love it when the kids go to bed. That’s when I know it’s “Saints Row” time.

Jon Robinson: Who do you fight as in “UFC Undisputed 3”?

Trent Richardson: Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar are my two favorites depending on my mood. Jones will take you out with that spinning elbow. Vicious.

Jon Robinson: Do you have any advice for EA Sports for when they’re making your character in “Madden NFL 13”? How should he be different than your character in “NCAA”?

Trent Richardson: My favorite game has been “NCAA Football” for years. I was always a big “NCAA” gamer, but now that I’m going to be in “Madden,” I’m switching favorite games. They only had me at like 88 speed in “NCAA,” and I’d

be playing and defensive ends would be able to catch me from behind. I was like, “What!?” I just ran a 4.3 at my pro day, so I hope I’m at least 92 speed in the game. You never saw me get run down from behind in college, so it shouldn’t be like that in the video game, either. Besides adding some speed, they need to make my stiff arm stronger. Everybody knows my stiff arm is strong. I need some better hands in the game, too. I was always dropping passes in “NCAA” and it drove me crazy.

Jon Robinson: Teams are notorious for asking potential draftees crazy questions throughout the process, like if you’d rather be a dog or a cat. What’s the strangest thing a team asked you?

Trent Richardson: I kept waiting for a crazy question, but I actually didn’t get any. I was a little disappointed. I guess it’s because they already see the dog in me.

Jon Robinson: But are we going to see that dog in “Madden?”

Trent Richardson: I hope so. I hope they give me everything from speed to spins to that stiff arm. Fans used to tell me all the time how I was good at running defenders over in the game (“NCAA Football 12”), and I love to hear stuff like that. I just hope I can keep running over people in “Madden,” too.