Trending: Man combines pumpkin, Tetris

Trick or treat?

Nathan Pryor of Vancouver, Wash., delivered both when he decided to combine a pumpkin with the classic video game Tetris. "Pumpktris" is a complete and fully playable version of the game encased in a pumpkin with a "joystem" controller.

As one comment on YouTube noted: "Some people have way too much awesome on their hands."

Pryor wrote a detailed post about the construction of the game in his HaHa Bird blog. The idea came about as a result of a story he saw in 2011 about growing pumpkins in molds to give them a shape. "I thought it would be cool to force a bunch into Tetris shapes and stack them at Halloween," he told Playbook in an email interview Monday, "but by the time I remembered the idea this year it was too late to follow through, so it morphed into building an actual Tetris game into a pumpkin."

After the laborious task of building the LED matrix and obtaining the code needed to operate the game, Pryor had to find the perfectly sized pumpkin and turn it into a game cabinet. He then had to measure and drill 128 holes -- eventually cut into squares -- needed for the lights.

"It's fairly close to a regular game of Tetris," Pryor said. "It keeps score in the same way, and the speed accelerates as you get to higher and higher levels."

The game is powered by eight rechargeable AA batteries. Pryor, 37, used 256 pieces of tubing and 313 solder joints to connect the needed wiring.

"The biggest challenge was probably cutting all the wires and soldering them to the LEDs," he said. The project took 12 hours of work over a week and a half, and the high score as of Monday was 9,800.


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