Athletes join in with Powerball hysteria

The most recent Powerball jackpot topped out at $579 million, second only to this past March’s grand-prize of $656 million.

While the odds of matching six winning Powerball numbers were tiny at only 1 in 175 million, athletes, like the rest of us refused to be deterred and let their hopes sore (at least on Twitter).

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champ Dolph Ziggler was thinking about the children:

Steve Ott of the Buffalo Sabres offered photographic proof of the lengths people were willing to go to for their lottery tickets:

Jose Canseco displayed his off-beat views:

Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love, on the other hand, showed why he’s a fan favorite through and through:

Larry Fitzgerald was also in the business of sharing the love with his fans ... either that or he was just trying to get a whole lot of RT’s:

Reggie Bush kept it simple… Hey maybe he figured one of his fans can buy back his starting job with the Fins:

Perhaps the smartest athlete of all was Packers WR Tom Crabtree, who took a cheaper approach which ended up giving him nearly the same odds:

And where would we be without some SEC smack-talk?: