Travel Channel hits road with the Browns

It’s not quite like watching the Chad Johnson get cut by the Dolphins in 2012’s “Hard Knocks," or even Chad Ochocinco explaining the meaning of “Kiss Da Baby” in 2009's "Hard Knocks."

But Dawg Pounders, hardcore NFL enthusiasts and, I’d imagine, frequent travelers should appreciate “NFL Road Tested: The Cleveland Browns,” a new series from Travel Channel and NFL Films.

The show will take fans on the road with Trent Richardson & Co. for away games against the Giants, Cowboys, Raiders, Broncos and Steelers.

While players and coaches will be featured in the five-part series, which even Browns owner Jimmy Haslam III has called "a softer version of 'Hard Knocks,' " cameras will focus on the men and women charged with tending to the team's road needs, from travel and hotel accommodations to equipment transfer and meals.

In this exclusive clip from the premiere episode (10 p.m. ET/PT Tuesday), Browns equipment staff member Chad Sensibaugh prepares each pigskin to the exact liking of veteran kicker Phil Dawson and rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden.

Yawn if you must, but the 4-8 Browns snapped a 12-game road losing streak Sunday when they defeated the Raiders in Oakland, which might suggest that Cleveland may have found in its unscripted series something of a lucky charm.

Or maybe they played the Raiders. That, too.