Sklar bros to host statistics show on History

Twins Randy and Jason Sklar have turned their obsession with numbers into a new series for History TV channel with the 10 p.m. debut tonight of "United Stats of America".

"Our passion began in sports and we used that background to land this show," said Randy Sklar, who along with his brother hosted a comedy show called "Cheap Seats" on ESPN for four years. "We call it the 'Moneyball' phenomenon. Statistics are so prevalent and we have this interest in everything, not just sports."

Episodes will explore how long people live, how to spend free time and what is the deadliest animal in America. The relationship between the brothers is what will drive the show.

"Yes, I can get sick of working with my brother, but we have this uniqueness that works. We're like the Cansecos but better tweeters," Jason Sklar said. "We hope to get a broad audience of people who like to learn and are fans of our comedy. We hope they grab a new piece of information and throw it out there at the office the next day."