Cowherd on pace for Disney Half Marathon

On Jan. 12, ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd will run the Disney Half Marathon. He will share updates on his training and approach as race day nears.

The second phase of my Disney Half Marathon training has been underway. I like to call this stage of training the "push it real good" phase (a shout out to hip-hop's Salt-N-Pepa).

With about a week until race day, Bart Yasso -- chief running officer for Runner's World -- came by Bristol to share advice on wake-up calls, quality speed work, negative splits, concentration and ice baths.

Until two days prior to the race, I will expand my daily four-mile runs to five- and six-mile workouts, incorporating a fartlek pace that involves shorter bursts of speed within the mileage. I've always believed you have to change the pace of your workouts before a race. Select runs will also include outdoor hill work, while others will take my speed work to the track. Due to weather and my work schedule, I will mix in predictable treadmill jaunts as needed.

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