2-year-old and Jimmy Kimmel face off

It was payback time for 2-year-old Titus Ashby on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Thursday night.

Titus, whose viral trick-shot video has more than 8.8 million views on YouTube, was mocked by Kimmel after the young boy from Kansas tossed up brick after brick during an appearance on the "Today" show two weeks ago.

That spurred little Titus (with some help from his father, Joseph) to challenge Kimmel to a shootout via YouTube.

Kimmel said "yes," and Thursday, Titus and Kimmel went head-to-head.

"Do you think you're going to win?" Kimmel asked. "Yes," said Titus, to the roar of Kimmel's studio audience.

Titus won his 45-second shootout in a walk, 10-6, despite Kimmel's goaltending. Titus shot his baskets from 6 feet, while Kimmel fired away from roughly twice that distance. His Kobe-esque performance earned his family tickets to nearby Disneyland.

Titus got hooked on basketball while watching NBA games live with his dad online. Both are Miami Heat fans.

"Tonight he was like LeBron in Game 6 against the Celtics. Titus really enjoyed it," Joseph Ashby told Playbook after the show. "In the past couple weeks, when he shoots for someone on TV, he isn't always focused because we're asking him to do it on cue. When he gets that way, he misses more."

That was not a problem Thursday.

Bill Speros is an ESPN.com contributor. He can be reached on Twitter @billsperos or via e-mail at bsperos1@gmail.com.