Scotty Lago on burnout, Olympics, Twitter

Scotty Lago, Urijah Faber and Dale Earnhardt Jr. perform a burnout in Las Vegas on Wednesday. Courtesy of Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Olympic snowboarder Scotty Lago, before heading to Norway Thursday to prepare for this weekend's Arctic Challenge, was in Las Vegas on Wednesday to perform an ultimate orange burnout with fellow AMP Energy athletes Dale Earnhardt Jr. and MMA fighter Urijah Faber.

A burnout is the practice of keeping the car stationary while spinning its wheels, causing the tires to smoke. AMP Energy drink was there to promote the return of Energy Orange, so that's why the smoke was orange.

Playbook talked with Lago for a few minutes before he headed to the airport.

So how was the event?

I'm all covered in smoke, but it was a perfect day. Are you kidding? I got to hang out with Urijah and Dale and a do a burnout. It was awesome. When they mentioned this opportunity, I jumped at it. Who wouldn't? This is totally new for me. It's pretty exciting. The area was a little smaller than I thought. Everyone had to stand behind the wall. But it turned out all right.

You're getting ready to head to Norway for the Arctic Challenge as you continue preparing for the 2014 Olympic Games in Russia. How is training?

That's where all my attention is. I'm hoping to make the U.S. team once again and go for gold in Russia. I've really been focusing on the half-pipe this year. I'm getting ready.

You've been on a roll lately. What is the reason?

In the last four contests, I've been on the podium three times. It's been so far so good. I've had a good season. I think it's because I'm more focused on being a half-pipe rider. I've gotten better at competing.

Getting sent home from the last Olympics for some compromising photos had to be learning experience for you.

I was aware of the policies before the games. We were told over and over again. I should have known better. Everyone has a camera phone. Social media is everywhere. It was just a whole new ballgame for me. I know I've grown from it.

How have you yourself changed when it comes to social media?

Everyone is on Twitter or Instagram. I'm very cautious. I don't want to use the word 'politically correct,' but I watch all my tweets before sending.