Trending headlines: Umenyiora and McCoy

Osi Umenyiora has won two Super Bowls and is battling with LeSean McCoy on Twitter again. AP Photo/David Drapkin

A few items you may have missed that are worth a look:

• Hostilities in the Twitter war between New York Giants defensive lineman Osi Umenyiora and Eagles running back LeSean McCoy resumed in earnest as @OsiUmenyiora tweeted: "Happy Mothers Day Lesean Mccoy! Enjoy your special day!!" Former Giant and current 49er Brandon Jacobs (@gatorboy45) replied "omg hahaha" and Umenyiora confirmed that with "hahaha u know the beef is never over. Never." The simple response from McCoy (@CutonDime25): "Lol let the beef begin." McCoy began this in June by tweeting that Umenyiora, while in a contract dispute with the Giants, was "Overrated n soft 3rd best d-line on his team honestly." (Newark Star-Ledger and #Osi Umenyiora)

• Things are so bad for the Detroit Tigers that it might be time for some radical moves –- such as perhaps casting the team in an episode of "South Park." (DesigNate Roberston Blog)

• When it comes to all-time flops, Albert Pujols' move to the Angels -- he’s hitting .196 this season -- ranks up there with some other doozies, writes Norman Chad, including New Coke and the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin. (Washington Post)

• Derek Lowe has now received two World Series rings with the Boston Red Sox. Lowe, who went 3-0 in the postseason for Boston in 2004, had his original World Series ring stolen from his home in Fort Myers, Fla., last week. Red Sox owners John Henry and Tom Werner and president Larry Lucchino presented Lowe with a replacement ring over the weekend as the Indians completed a four-game series at Fenway Park. "I just thought it was one of the classiest things I've seen. … They didn't have to do that at all," said Lowe. "I knew there was an opportunity for me to buy another one, but to have all three of them there when they gave it to me really meant a lot." (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

• Cleveland Browns cornerback Joe Haden never went to his senior prom. So when Independence High School senior Joyce Grendel, 18, asked Haden to her prom via Twitter, his answer was a quick "yes." On Friday, Haden, 23, picked up Grendel from her home in his white Lamborghini. Not a bad way to roll to prom. "I knew her because she tweets me a lot, and she’s been a really good Haden Nation supporter. All my autographs, all my signings, she always shows up," Haden said. (Fox 8 News Cleveland)

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