Vinny: Five athletes I'd love to interview

Vinny Guadagnino, flanked by his mom and his uncle, has a list of athletes he'd love to interview. Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Vinny Guadagnino cringes when he watches his mom and Uncle Nino talk to the celebrities on his new reality series "The Show with Vinny" on MTV.

But that's actually part of the charm of the show about the former "Jersey Shore" star conducting interviews in his home. The second episode airs Thursday night.

"It's definitely a pretty good gig when I wake up every day actually on set," said Guadagnino, who was on "Jersey Shore" for six seasons. "And seeing my family interact with these celebrities they don't know is really funny. They don't care that the cameras are there. They are just in their own home as someone comes over to eat. I'm the one who is so nervous."

Playbook asked Guadagnino which five athletes he'd love to bring to his home to interview.

1. "Michael Jordan. He was my childhood hero. I would watch the Bulls with my uncle. He is still relevant today."

2. "Kobe Bryant. He came up to me at a basketball game one time and gave me mad love. He then sent me a bunch of his sneakers."

3. "Carmelo Anthony. Over time, I've become a huge Knicks fan. He's my dude. I've got to have that New York connection."

4. "Henrik Lundqvist. I coached the Rangers goalie in a charity game in Atlantic City one time. It was a game between the Rangers and the Flyers. Whenever I see him, he still calls me 'Coach.'"

5. "Tim Tebow. That would make for some interesting interviews."