Wild's Mike Yeo to tackle Tough Mudder

Coach Mike Yeo said, "I always felt I was in very good shape, but I have never trained like this." Courtesy of Minnesota Wild

Minnesota Wild coach Mike Yeo and his Wild for Wounded Warriors Team of assistant coaches are preparing for Saturday's Tough Mudder, a 12-mile endurance challenge, in Somerset, Wis.

Tough Mudder has raised more than $3 million to support the Wounded Warrior Project, a nonprofit organization aimed at helping American servicemen and servicewomen who have been severely injured in combat.

We stopped Yeo in the middle of training to talk about his adventure.

Wow, really? You know how tough this is?

"I have never done anything like a Tough Mudder. I have thought about doing a marathon, but then I heard about this event and what it involved and I made the decision to do it."

What training have you done?

"I had been doing a lot of running and some weights before I decided to do it, but since that point, we have been working out with Kirk Olson, our strength and conditioning coach, and he is killing us. We do all circuit work. That usually involves some form of sprints combined with different stations of exercises. I can say when I was playing I would train very hard and always felt I was in very good shape, but I have never trained like this."

What have some of the players said?

"We have a few guys who have been strolling into the rink and see us working out. They throw a few shots at us. Mostly they just think we are nuts."

What do you hope to accomplish?

"I hope to survive. Actually, I want to finish and do well. I would like to overcome every obstacle and time well. I would think that the training and what we have put into it combined with finishing the event will be pretty satisfying."

Will this make you want to do more extreme sports?

"We’ll see how this goes, but I would think so. I like having something I have to work toward, and this has given me that."