Doug Smith inspires hockey DVD 'Goon'

Doug Smith, a retired minor league ice hockey player, wrote his biography "Goon: The True Story of an Unlikely Journey into Minor League Hockey" with Adam Frattasio. That was a no-brainer since Smith had played 10 seasons (more than 60 games), didn't score a goal and had more than 400 penalty minutes.

The book was made into a film starring Seann William Scott, and the movie is out on DVD this week.

Smith, now a police officer in Massachusetts, talked for a few minutes with Playbook about his recent fame.

What did you think of the movie?

"I was nervous when I first heard about it because I wasn't sure what kind of movie they were going to make. But when I saw it, I was honored the way it came out. It really told the story of the book. And that's what I wanted."

How did you think Scott did?

"Movie critics said that might be his best work in a movie. He was great. I didn't like how it came across that I was so mean all the time, but I get that it was a movie. He is getting a lot of accolades, as he should."

People today are questioning whether fighting should be in hockey. Your thoughts?

"All this talk about concussions is misguided. All these athletes who are having problems didn't get head injuries from fighting. They got it from other ways. I get that the hockey players shouldn't go on the ice just to fight. But I went out there to protect my teammates and send a message."

If you had to do it over again, would you be the enforcer again?

"If there is a team out there now that wants to hire a 47-year-old hockey player, give me a call. I still have it."

Ever want to get into a fight these days?

"I still work out and box, but, seriously, I'm getting too old to get out there and fight!"

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