Meyer, Gosselaar talk on staying in shape

"Franklin & Bash", the TV series about unconventional lawyers and longtime friends, returns for its second season tonight on TNT.

For the first season, series stars Breckin Meyer (famous for "Clueless" and "Road Trip") and Mark-Paul Gosselaar (famous for "Saved by the Bell" and "NYPD Blue") focused on staying in shape for the audience.

Both have been in the entertainment business for more than 20 years, so they have a reputation to uphold. And to play suave lawyers, they wanted to look good.

"I was preparing by doing P90X pretty much every day, and Mark-Paul was doing those kettlebell exercises," Meyer said. "We would have this workout trailer just to stay in shape. That was the first season."

Gosselaar, 38, said things changed filming the second season with the premiere tonight at 10 p.m.

"Where is the Krispy Kreme truck?" Gosselaar joked.

Both are kidding really.

Meyer still carries a skateboard -- like he did as the pothead in "Clueless" -- in his car, and the 38-year-old Minnesota native still rides it when he can.

And Gosselaar, who was into motocross for eight years, has switched to another kind of racing.

"I have a motor right here," Gosselaar said pointing to his chest. "This is my human motor, so I became a cyclist."

Meyer chimed in: "He's now one of the crazy addicted cyclists you read about!"