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Welcome to “Headlines- NBA Championship Edition.” Today's top story is brought to you by Rihanna :

Nike was prepared, airing this "The Ring Maker" ad shortly after the conclusion of the game:

Congratulations came from many quarters, including this member of the Heat's last championship team:

Speaking of big men who won multiple titles with the Lakers:

Cavs owner Dan Gilbert once vowed his team would win a championship before James in Miami. Probably not the easiest tweet to send:

Redemption was a common theme:

You get the point:

Juwan Howard was the first member of the "Fab Five" to earn an NBA ring and it took quite a while, apparently:

This from the losing side:

Finally, a thanks to the fans:


• Darth Vader and Chewbacca each threw out ceremonial first pitches and Princess Leia sang "God Bless America" for the Rosewell Invaders of the Pecos League during "Cosmic Con" night Thursday. The team also held a dance contest featuring the "Star Wars" characters and players. (You Tube via Independent Baseball.Net)

• Next time you think of dropping by the U.S. Open trophy presentation to make a few bird calls, check out the fate of the "Birdman" in this cartoon from "Giant Foam Hand' via Buzzfeed.

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