Skater Eric Koston talks sunglasses, film

Eric Koston is still a skateboarder at heart but he's continuing to expand his portfolio. Michael Burnett/Getty Images

Eric Koston, who has been one of the top skateboarders since turning pro in 1993, isn't giving up the sport, but he's spreading his wings.

On Friday in New York, Koston, 37, released a new line of signature sunglasses with Oakley. The 2012 collection is a nod to the styles of ’70s California -- Koston was born in Thailand and grew up in San Bernardino, Calif.

"I prefer the classic iconic look for sunglasses, just like you see with some of the NBA players," said Koston, who won Summer X in 2000 and Summer X Street Games in 2003. "I've been into sunglasses for the past 15 years. So I decided to create glasses that looked good on me and hopefully for others."

Koston, who has been featured in Tony Hawk's video games and EA's games, isn't through yet. He co-owns Fourstar Clothing and the skatepark "The Philo-Thai Centre" with skater Gavin Davies.

And he's still working on his video series for Vice called Epicly Later'd.

"I obviously feel honored that they are wanting to document my life," Koston said. "Skating is my first job, and I don't necessarily want another one. I don't really know any other way. It's something I truly love and it's a hard habit to kick."