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Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin won't be playing in the Olympics due to a torn meniscus in his left knee. He's expected to be ready in time for the season. Get-well wishes came from friend and foe:

The talk wasn't so loving between, Kobe Bryant and Kyrie Irving, after the two agreed to a $50,000 one-on-one challenge following a recent Team USA training session.

At Thursday night's 113-59 exhibition victory in Las Vegas, some fans were confident in Griffin's replacement on Team USA's roster:

From New Orleans Hornets via Instagram

The game's MVP took to Twitter:

Nets point guard Deron Williams had some travel plans after the victory:

This potential candidate for Team USA 2016 had his eyes on the action:

As far as the ongoing argument over which U.S. Olympic team was better, 1992 or 2012, Magic Johnson hopes to have the final tweet:

Elsewhere, the New York Mets have been showing fans at Citi Field how this high-tech catcher will catch base stealers in the not-to-distant future. Digital Domain Media Group posted the video on You Tube:

For Kentucky coach John Calipari, the road to another national title never ends:

Basketball players aren't the only Americans getting ready for London. A few gold-medal favorites in the pool enjoyed some downtime with their own mini-movie night. Lochte's review, via his blog: "Not the best movie, but it was great company."

From Natalie Coughlin via Instagram

In much sadder news, tragedy struck at the Calgary Stampede on Thursday when a crash claimed three horses:

For the first time in two months, Curt Schilling was on Twitter talking just baseball. He raised the subject of the 160-inning limit being placed on Washington pitcher Stephen Strasburg:

Boston Celtics fans have not had much to cheer about this offseason with the departure of Ray Allen to Miami. But this tweet from the team might give them a little reason to smile:

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