'Nitro Circus' thrills the crowds in Australia

"Nitro Circus Live" recently concluded an 11-show tour of Australia. Jeff Crowe/Nitro Circus Live

"Nitro Circus Live" is composed of some of the biggest names and badasses in action sports today. More X Games medals are in one of the dressing rooms than anywhere else in the world.

One would assume that with big names like these, big egos would naturally follow. Especially when they are riding 11 sold-out shows in front of screaming fans, who would stay for an hour after each show just to grab a close glimpse of their heroes who just defied gravity and any sense of self-preservation.

You would also understand if they only did what is in their contract, only perform the tricks they get paid for or sit the show out if they were banged up. After all, their most important contests -- X Games, Dew Tour and X Fighters -- were just around the corner.

Basically all of the above couldn't be any further from the truth. This group of athletes spent most of the six weeks on tour figuring out how to push themselves, their sport and the "Nitro Circus Live" show to new heights every night. The first time it occurred to me that this was happening was when we brought out "The Loop."

Skateboard icon Bob Burnquist saw that we wanted to incorporate a loop into the show. In true "Nitro" fashion, no one had tested it until a day before the first show. No one really knew where to drop in from, or how much speed you needed. All they knew was that many things could go wrong.

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