L.A. can now ticket speeding skateboarders

In Los Angeles, police can now issue tickets for high-speed or so-called reckless skateboarding. AP Photo/Jacqueline Larma

Skateboarders on the streets of Los Angeles accustomed to dealing with smog, traffic and security guards now have another force to contend with: a police department that can issue tickets for high-speed or so-called reckless skateboarding.

On Aug. 7, the Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved an ordinance that seeks to put an end to "bombing hills," skateboarders' intentional speed runs that sometimes involve weaving through automobile and pedestrian traffic.

The new law gives police officers the authority to ticket a skater who rides "recklessly or in such a manner or at such a speed as to cause or threaten to cause injury to himself or herself or to others.'' It also makes it illegal to ride a skateboard faster than 10 mph through an intersection or to ride while hanging on to a vehicle, and it requires skateboarders to obey all traffic signs and signals.

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