Trending: Spice Girls, Who close Games

The London Games closed with flash and flurry – plus The Who, One Direction, the Spice Girls, Eric Idle, Russell Brand and Winston Churchill.

They arrived in style:

Looks like the next direction was nowhere but down from here:

Tomlinson’s fellow “One Direction” member was left starstruck by it all:

Teenage wasteland? Not so much:

Almost the entire world was watching:

More than 49,540,000 “Olympic” tweets have been sent since the start of the Games, according to the NBCOlympics interactive Twitter page. The most popular athletes mentioned were British diver Tom Daley (793,374 total tweets as of 8 a.m. ET Monday), Michael Phelps (610,384), Usain Bolt (570,430), LeBron James (543,353) and Ryan Lochte (306,214.) Swimming was the most popular sport and this was the most re-tweeted post of the Games – being bounced around the social media network more than 61,000 times:

American cyclicst Bobby Lea offered his Twitter followers an athlete’s-eye view of the closing ceremonies, including a re-tweet of this 360-degree panoramic image and some he took on his own.

Here, the show is underway:

. on Twitpic

From Bobby Lea via Twitpic

There was a little bit of everything:

 A little bit of everything!  on Twitpic

From Bobby Lea via Twitpic

Brazil, here we come:

On to Rio!  on Twitpic

From Bobby Lea via Twitpic

Of course, the athletes and officials worked up quite an appetite:

Post ceremony mob scene at McDonalds. #finelytunedathleticmac... on Twitpic

From Bobby Lea via Twitpic

It’s good to be home, especially when you return with another gold medal:

See you in 2016.

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