Richman finding 'Best Sandwich in America'

ESPN favorite and Travel Channel host Adam Richman tonight will finally pick his favorite sandwich in America. For the past few months, Richman has been traveling the country crowning regional champs through his championship sandwich bracket such as Al's Beef in Chicago and Tommy DiNic's pork sandwich in Philadelphia.

"Every culture has its own sandwich and every income bracket has its sandwich," said Richman, who appeared on ESPN's platforms this week. "I'm picking my favorite sandwich and I hope people out there to find their best."

And now it's championship time at 9 p.m. ET.

"This is a clash of the titans. People think we're pitting city against city. We're talking sandwiches," Richman said. "Have you seen the reception on Twitter? If I judge against an iconic sandwich, there are pitchforks and torches coming after me like I'm Frankenstein."