Garciaparra supporting Challenger Division

Working with Subway, ESPN broadcaster Nomar Garciaparra on Friday showed support for the Little League's Challenger Division, which is for developmentally and physically challenged children and their helping buddies.

"Little League is about bringing smiles to kids playing this wonderful game," said Garciaparra, who played 13 years in Major League Baseball. "The Challengers take it to another level. You have these amazing kids and their buddies playing the game. The joy and look on the kids' faces is priceless."

Subway made a charitable donation to help assist in all travel expenses for the two teams, who are playing a game on Saturday.

"On Thursday, after signing autographs and taking pictures, this boy named Noah, who is playing Saturday, walked up and we talked for about 20 minutes," Garciaparra said. "Listening to him, there was so much joy in his voice and his eyes were lighting up. It's pretty special."

Throughout the 2012 season, Subway supported the Challenger Division through its “Buddy Badge” logo contest. On Saturday, the winner of the contest will be announced and the logo will be used for 2013.

"The game Saturday is not about winning or losing," Garciaparra said. "They are all winners before they even hit the field."