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Among those ringing the opening bell on Wall Street was today was Marie Tillman, Founder of the Pat Tillman Foundation. She was joined by Olympic gold medalists Tyson Chandler of the Knicks and Alex Morgan of the U.S. women’s soccer team, who were representing Action America, an organization founded to use 9/11 as a springboard to acts of service.

Thoughts of 9-11 streamed across Twitter. Sometimes 140 characters was not necessary.

A new day, indeed.

It may be hard to believe how much time has passed since the attacks, especially for someone who was in elementary school on Sept. 11, 2001.

Hall was the first pick in the 2010 NHL draft and now plays for the Edmonton Oilers.


Sports played a pivotal role in restoring the nation's soul as it recovered from the 9-11 attacks.

This poem by the late Jack Buck was read before the Brewers-Cardinals game at the old Busch Stadium on Sept. 17, 2001.

Baseball resumed in New York after the 9-11 attacks when the Braves and Mets played at Shea Stadium on Sept. 21. Chipper Jones and the Braves lost 3-2 after Mike Piazza hit a two-run homer in the eighth. Braves Manager Bobby Cox later called that game his favorite Mets-Braves moment.

"I didn't mind a bit," Jones told ESPN New York earlier this month. "I think each and every one of us will tell you if there's been one game in our entire careers that we didn't mind losing, it was that one. You just felt like divine intervention was in New York's corner that day. We didn't mind it a bit. We thought it was our duty to go out and take a city and a country's mind off something terrible that had happened."

The NFL resumed on Sept. 23 -- among the games that day was the Giants game at Kansas City, which was attended by then commissioner Paul Tagliabue. The Giants received a rousing, loud and long standing ovation upon taking the field before posting a 13-3 victory.

“You didn’t know when the teams took the field if it would be a somber cloud of tragedy over the entire situation or whether there would be this vocal support for the people of New York,” Tagliabue told Fox Sports in 2011.

There was no concern for that.

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