Trending: Kevin Durant has convo with fans

Kevin Durant was bored Saturday and had nearly an hour conversation with his Twitter followers. Kyle Terada/US Presswire

With nearly 3 million followers on Twitter, Oklahoma City Thunder forward and Olympic gold medalist Kevin Durant should not have been surprised that this simple tweet on a Saturday night during the NBA offseason would trigger a 46-minute thread covering topics ranging from fragrances to football to his first dunk, and nearly everything else in between.

Durant told followers his favorite NFL team is his hometown Washington Redskins, his favorite cologne is Tom Ford Black Orchid, his favorite Wiz Khalifa song is "Ms. Rightfernow", and he dunked for the first time in eighth grade.

We also have an idea of what else is playing on his iPad:

And what he is playing on his iPad, too:

He had high praise for the current NBA Rookie of the Year:

Along with this former University of Maryland, Cincinnati Bengals, Arizona Cardinals and New York Jets passer turned TV analyst:

For those seeking style tips, he offered his opinions on men's accessories including his favorite watch (Vacheron Constantin) and eyeglasses (Oliver Peoples).

Does he have a best Thunder buddy? Well, sort of:

Ivey, who played with Durant and the Thunder for two seasons, signed with the 76ers in July as a free agent.

There were tall tales and just some simple facts:

And about 230 pounds soaking wet.

Durant's future travel plans came up for discussion in response to a question from Oklahoma City center and Congolese native Serge Ibaka:

Although it wasn't clear which Congo Durant wants to avoid -- the Democratic Republic of the Congo or the Republic of Congo. It might be easier for him to stick with plans to head to Brazil and the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. However, former NBA star Bo Outlaw and WNBA star Edna Campbell participated in an sports diplomatic outreach program in Brazzaville, the Republic of Congo capital and Ibaka's birthplace, last month.

Truly a small social media world.

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