Jeff Kent predicts Giants will win Series

Jeff Kent, the 2000 National League MVP and baseball's all-time leader in home runs for second basemen (377), never won the World Series.

But, these days, Kent can root on his favorite team, the San Francisco Giants, where he blossomed in his time (1997-2002) there.

Kent now is starring this fall in CBS' "Survivor: Philippines," which is back Wednesday at 8 p.m. In the episode called "Down and Dirty," the castaways try to strike deals in their battle.

Playbook chased down Kent to talk about the World Series between his Giants and the Detroit Tigers.

The Giants are rolling pretty well. How do you think this World Series will play out?

“Well, like I predicted in the National League Championship Series, I just don’t believe that the Giants are going to let the Tigers win. The Tigers look very strong, but the Giants, because they can shut teams down with their pitching and their ability to score runs, are just going to be too much for Detroit.”

The Detroit Tigers have some amazing pitchers. How would you try to attack them?

“You gotta attack good pitching with good pitching. The Detroit Tigers have outstanding pitching. I’m very impressed with their team. The only way the Giants are going to win the game against good pitching is to hopefully capitalize on a mistake or two during the game.”

The Giants' pitching roster is a little jumbled with that seven-game series. How do you think it’ll shake out?

“I’m not too worried about the jumbled pitching schedule. What’s more impressive to me is the fact that they have quality pitchers who can have quality outings. However that plays out doesn’t really matter in the big picture of a seven-game series because I think the Giants are just going to be more resilient.”

On Monday night, the fans stayed in the rain to celebrate the trip to the World Series. Now it's on to Game 1. What are fans like in that city?

“The fans in San Francisco are so supportive of their team. Whether it’s cold weather, rain or consecutive losses ... the Giants' fans are so supportive, and that matters to a baseball player.”

When you watch the games, do you miss being out there?

“I miss being out there at this time of the year. The excitement and the adrenaline is heightened in the playoffs. I can guarantee you that those feelings are missed by all players who have retired.”