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Thursday, January 24, 2013
McCutchen on Tom Cruise, music, games

By Lynn Hoppes

Tom Cruise, whose latest movie "Jack Reacher" has made about $77 million in the past month, knows a little something about hits.

Well, Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen does too. This past season, he finished with a .327 batting average and led the National League with 194 hits.

So it would seem appropriate that McCutchen would mimic Cruise in a video for Major League Baseball to promote the launch of the "Reacher" movie.

Playbook had a few minutes with McCutchen to talk about the video and getting named to the cover of the video game "MLB 13: The Show."

You as Tom Cruise, interesting.

"They had filmed some of it in Pittsburgh. So I was asked to make a fool of myself. I had no problem doing that. I'm somewhat of a clown and I love to joke around on camera. We didn't get to really finish the project though. We were to get with Tom for a red carpet event but he ended up not doing it. I thought it still came out well."

You have aspirations to really get into movies?

"I'll do whatever, even in the background. That would be cool. I could be silly or something. I don't see myself as an action hero, though. And I'm not sure about doing reality TV. I don't even watch it. I'm not sure I want to show everything about my life and family."

Had you watched all those Cruise movies before?

"I watched most of them. I didn't watch 'Cocktail.' Didn't realize he was in that. My favorite is probably 'A Few Good Men.' Oh, and I loved the singing in 'Top Gun.'"

Can you really sing?

My mother is a singer [in fact she sang the national anthem at a Pirates game]. I sing pretty decent. They asked me to sound horrible. I wasn't feeling great. I had a cold. So that was no trouble to sound bad."

How about "American Idol" then?

"That's too much pressure. I couldn't imagine Simon Cowell's reaction [Guess he doesn't realize Cowell has left Idol]. I would finish a song and think I nailed it and he would be sitting there with his arms crossed, just looking at you."

What kind of music do you like?

"I like all types of music but I'm a fan of John Legend. I prefer the laid-back, soothing type of music. That's something you can listen to while in bed. You need soft music."

But what about your music when you come up to bat?

"It's all about dubstep for me. That's my jams. You can't help but wake up to that kind of music. Those are geniuses. I have a big appreciation for that kind of music."

And now you're on the cover of "MLB 13: The Show."

"A lot of people don't get this opportunity. It's really kind of cool. I'm enjoying life right now. The game of baseball is a lot of fun but you can also have a lot of fun off the field."