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Tuesday, July 24, 2012
Trending: 1,000th 'Raw,' Kobe and karaoke

By Bill Speros
Special to

The 1,000th episode of Monday Night Raw (#RAW1000) kept Twitter abuzz throughout the evening. Charlie Sheen joined the fun in St. Louis via skype and (sort of) challenged Daniel Bryan to a match the next time Bryan is in Los Angeles. Bryan said Sheen needed "life management" skills. Sheen's response: “I’m gonna shake this fool so hard that his fake beard is going to fall off and you're going to see 'losing' written all over those cheeks...the next time he's in Los Angeles I'd be happy to meet him in the ring, my house, anywhere" Sheen said during USA Network broadcast. Coincidentally, SummerSlam 2012 is coming up in August in Los Angeles.

John Cena and CM Punk battled for the WWE Championship but it was Big Show and the Rock who almost stole the show. Big Show twice saved the match for Punk after each fighter nearly scored a knockout. After the disqualification, the Rock and Big Show mixed it up, before Punk put Rock to sleep. Punk departed the ring with his title intact as Cena and Rock laying nearly motionless.

And that is why @CMPunk will always be my hero! #AwesomeShow #RAW1000

— Steve Corino (@SteveCorino) July 24, 2012
The Rock cooked up a smooth recovery:

Team Rock heading home.. @WWE Universe - THANK U for an historic & electrifying night. #RAW1000…

— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) July 24, 2012

It was quite a night for wrestling fans:

Seeing @CMPunk, @WWEDanielBryan and @TheRock all in the same ring was absolutely fantastic.

— Kevin Steen (@KILLSTEENKILL) July 24, 2012

Kane and the Undertaker reunited in a blast from the past:

Brothers of Destruction!!! Im sittin in front of my TV like when I was a little kid. Trip down memory lane. Right @CaseyMuhtadi? #RAW1000

— Dean Muhtadi (@DeanMuhtadi) July 24, 2012

The Rock announced earlier he would return to the ring for the 2013 Royal Rumble and WWE fans were asked to cast votes via Twitter for their choice of his opponent. That led to #RockPunk winning (with 55 percent of the vote) as a trending topic and the winning choice. After what happened Monday, it could be quite a match.

Liverpool FC plays a friendly at Fenway Park Wednesday night against AS Rome. A few players from Liverpool have been demonstrating their "keepy uppy" skills with a tennis ball on YouTube. Raheem Sterling leads with 58. Here's Dani Pacheco's effort posted Monday:

Since he spent a major part of his childhood growing up in Italy, Kobe Bryant says he had no idea who Michael Jordan was until he was 13. And he was devastated as young man when he heard Magic Johnson had tested positive for the HIV virus:

James Harden & Russell Westbrook spent the day at the beach in Spain, resting up for Tuesday's game in Barcelona:

Beachin Thuggin wit Russ!! #SickJokes

— James Harden (@JHarden13) July 23, 2012

From jharden13 via Instagram

Some of the world's best Olympic athletes tried their hand at karaoke. It appears the results were mixed:

Sang Karaoke last night w/ @treyhardee Tom Pappas, @JakeArnold23 @AshtonJEaton &Ryan Harlan. Pretty sure we should all stick to track! #fb

— Bryan Clay (@bryanclay) July 23, 2012

Serena Williams questions cloning and love:

Is cloning available yet?I wanna clone someone..... #PerfectButTaken

— Serena Williams (@serenawilliams) July 23, 2012
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