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Wednesday, April 25, 2012
A’s pitcher inspires new ideas for Kiss Cam

By Steve Etheridge
Special to

Kiss Cam
Fandom offers ideas for Kiss Cam operators to supplant homophobia with actual entertainment.
Abnormally funny A’s pitcher Brandon McCarthy has long been a must-follow on the Twitter circuit for his spot-on skewering of all the stupidest elements of our culture (to wit: ”GoDaddy commercials are Affliction T-shirts for our televisions.”). He recently stepped up his game by attacking the Kiss Cam, or more particularly the common bit where the camera guy singles out two dudes and we’re all supposed to laugh at the idea of two dudes kissing.

“They put two guys on the 'Kiss Cam' tonight. What hilarity!! (by hilarity I mean offensive homophobia). Enough with this stupid trend,” McCarthy tweeted.

He later clarified his point, explaining that it’s offensive to gay males to imply that it would be funny for two guys to kiss.

His point is a good one. The bit is just as offensive as it is hackneyed, and if stadiums are going to keep the Kiss Cam segment alive, they should start picking better targets. But what kinds of pairings should the camera guys use? How can they improve on the existing Kiss Cam model to make it funnier? We have some suggestions.

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