Yearbook, Nov. 8: Tom Dempsey's kick

Nov. 8, 1970: Despite many attempts to best it, no player -- at least not in the NFL, not in the regular season -- has surpassed what Tom Dempsey did on this day 42 years ago: Kick a 63-yard field goal, with two seconds left, for a New Orleans Saints team that needed every inch of that length to beat the Detroit Lions by two at Tulane Stadium. Famously, the former defensive end did it with a straight-ahead approach and no toes on his right foot.

Nobody matched Dempsey's feat for nearly three decades -- not until Jason Elam did it in the thin Colorado air in 1998. It has been equaled twice since, in the past two years: by Sebastian Janikowski in 2011 with the Oakland Raiders (also in Denver), and this season by David Akers with the San Francisco 49ers (in Green Bay, Wis.).